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Welcome to Earn Smart

Are you a college student, who is good at English and wants to earn money online?

Are you a graduated housewife, who wants to spend your everyday’s boring time earning money and gathering knowledge simultaneously?

No deposits and hence no risks involved. Don’t have to afraid of online forgeries.

Simply, you need to register in the site, pick articles of your choice, write unique and quality articles with the picked keywords, submit and get them approved, get paid twice in a month to your bank account.

Articles needed to be submitted within 24 hours from the time, you pick it.

We are definitely not going to ask you to do sales.

Money is only a by-product. You can get financial stability (especially for college students) and respect from your spouse and family members.

In case of good quality and unique articles, you will be rewarded that day with a green alert. If you receive 10 green alerts, you will be moved to the next level.

If the article is copied from some other online site and failed to submit within the deadline, you will be given a red alert. And if you are idle (not reserving any article) for a month, you will get a red alert once in a month. Total of 5 red alerts will get you banned permanently from the site.

One of the best authors will be awarded “Star Performer of the month” and he/she will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs.2000.

Even if you are not good with English, you can earn through referral system. 10% of the first 3 months earnings of your referred person, will be added to your monthly income. So, if you refer 2 persons in January and they earn 15k each till April, you will be given 10% of 30k – Rs. 3,000 in the month of May.

Top 3 Earners of the month
farha nigar
naseeh pv
megala mohan
Star performer of the month
Levels Number of article reservations per day Price per Article Mandatory articles per month
(to avoid banning)
Green alert
(for next level)
Red alert
(to get banned)
Maximum income
(30 days)
Bonus income(star performer of the month + Referral)
Level 1
2 Rs.20/400 words 25% of (2 x 30 days) = 15 2 x 20 x 30 = Rs.1,200/month Rs.2000 + 10% of referred person's first 3 months Income
Level 2
(Below Avg.)
3 Rs.25/400 words 25% of (3 x 30 days) = 22 3 x 25 x 30 =
Rs. 2,250/month
Rs.2000 + 10% of referred person's first 3 months Income
Level 3
5 Rs.30/400 words 25% of (5 x 30 days) = 37 5 x 30 x 30 =
Rs. 4,500/month
Rs.2000 + 10% of referred person's first 3 months Income
Level 4
10 Rs.35/400 words 25% of (10 x 30 days) = 75 10 x 35 x 30 =
Rs. 10,500/month
Rs.2000 + 10% of referred person's first 3 months Income
Level 5
15 Rs.40/400 words 25% of (15 x 30 days) = 112 15 x 40 x 30 =
Rs. 18,000/month
Rs.2000 + 10% of referred person's first 3 months Income
.....and many more levels and price hikes are to be followed for high quality writers.

Most students who work part time indicate that they work not simply for financial reasons; they like the independence their job give them; they generally enjoy the work, and believe that the experience of part-time work would help them obtain employment in later life.

So, For college students, Our Job = Income + Independence + Transition bridge from college to job + Support your family financially

For housewives, Our Job = Income + Independence + Can spend a meaningful days + Respect from spouse + Support your family financially

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