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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about?

People who are good with English can subscribe in Earnsmart and take regular article writing jobs on daily basis and make monthly earnings.

Who can earn through this site?

Housewives and College students - Our main vision is to make the housewives and college students stand in this world on their own feet. Not only financially but also confidence wise.

There are lots of housewives, who have studied Master degrees and yet don’t have the option to show their talent outside the kitchen. I want to help them by providing this part time job. This article typing journey will be interesting, thrilling and moreover, teaching you everyday’s world knowledge along with the income. Take this job as an art, give your best at it and have the income as a byproduct.

In countries like India, College students are wasting most of their time. They don’t spend their time wisely on valuable things like innovative researches, extracurricular activities and so on. In order to make them know of current trends, world knowledge and get them potential enough to pay college fees of their own, they need to join in with the journey.

How will I get the payments?

You need to add your personal bank account details in “My account --- > Bank details” section. The bank account holder’s name should match with the Earnsmart account name. Once added, you will be automatically sent the current earnings to your bank account on the respective "Next payment date". Usually, we pay on 1st and 15th of each month - twice in a month.

Your monthly earnings and next payment date can be viewed from My account --- > Account details & Bank details.

When do I get paid?

Usually, we pay on 1st and 15th of each month- twice in a month. If you want to see the exact payment date, please check the next payment date that can be viewed from
My account > Account details & Bank details.

What are the procedures to earn?

Register > Reserve articles on your favorite topics > Research on the keywords > Produce the quality content > Submit it > Get approved and paid

After reading the FAQs clearly, register in the site and reserve article keywords from available opportunities. You can pick 2-15 articles per day depending upon your level. There are totally 24 niches (categories) in the available opportunities. If you are interested and have knowledge in Technology, you can reserve and write in that topic. You can even reserve opportunities from different niches in a single day.

Once reserved, the opportunities will go to reserved opportunities page in the “Task management”. You can view the keywords in there and type a quality and unique article relevant to the keywords. Once completed, read the article twice and then submit the article with an appropriate article title and few pictures with relevant naming to them.

After submitting the article, it will be in “Submitted articles” and you can see their respective status there. Generally, it would take around 24-48 hours to get approved. If your article is good, you would receive green alert and when you get 10 green alerts, you will be moved to the next level and so on. And similarly, if the article is either copied from other websites or submitted with a delay, you will be given a red alert with the proper reason mailed to you. If you get an overall of 5 red alerts, you will be permanently banned from the site.

How to write the articles?

  • I.Be an artist
  • II.Check Your Spelling and Grammar
  • III.Read twice before submitting article
  • IV.1000 words = 1 image
I) Be an artist

A – Absorb the keywords into your mind well.
R – Research on the provided 2-4 keywords.
T – Type with the researched data.
I – Imitations are to be avoided.
S – Step into the reader’s shoes.
T – Tell your points in a flow such that the readers can find it impressive.

So, you are going to be an artist carving an article like a sculpture. It has to be done like an art rather than a simple way to earn.

II) Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Even if the article is on nice topic and with good information, the readers might lose interest once they find spelling and grammar mistakes on the article. The articles will not be a professional and quality one anymore.

While typing article, use MS word since it helps to eradicate spelling and grammatical errors. So, don't use Notepad or Paper on the way to submit articles.

III) Read twice before submitting article

You would have given your full strength scripting an article but it is always advised to read it once/twice before submitting it. Our heart doesn’t accept the fact that we might have done a mistake, but "Err is human".

So, have a glance once again on the article and make it error free and effective one. While reading your own article, please think from the reader’s perspective and check whether you have made your point understandable to the visitors who have no knowledge on the topic before reading this.

IV) 1000 words = 1 image

“A Picture is worth a thousand words”

In this busy world, many people don’t find time to read your descriptions fully and they prefer pictures and videos. So, you are always asked to include at least 2 relevant pictures to the topics and keywords.

But give relevant picture names and then attach them to the article.

How to find whether the article is unique or not?

You can do the research on the given keywords, from various sites that are obtained from search or gather the information from sources such as and other article directories like,, etc.

Once the article is successfully written, you can check for its uniqueness from Google’s advance search itself. Copy the whole article and paste it in “this exact word or phrase”.

Google Image

If the article is copied and the same consecutive words have been used, you would get the sites from which the article has been copied. You should not submit these kinds of copied articles in Earnsmart.

Google Image

In turn, if your content is unique, an error message showing “did not match any documents” will be displayed. They are good to be submitted here.

Google Image

How to write a much better, quality article?

Quality content = interesting + well written + relevant + unique

If the content is interesting enough and well written, it's going to get massive amounts of traffic bringing in towards it. At the same time, the quality content should be unique and relevant to the topic. It shouldn't be boring, stretched unnecessarily in order to make up the words, stolen and copied from other sites. The content will only be considered quality if it fulfills the needs of the visitor by providing him educational knowledge on the subject in an exciting way.

The topic is much preferred to be presented in a neutral way with few light humors and jokes. But if you divert the reader much out of the topic, we definitely fail to impress the guy and make him comeback to read our content.

Better give paragraph titles and highlight the important points by making the texts Bold. If you want to create a flow chart or process in a pictorial representation, make it out in paint and attach as image. They have more chance to get noticed by the readers than the 400-500 words.

When do the articles open in Available opportunities?

We usually open the available opportunities in the morning time (9am – 9pm IST). Each level has their own maximum number of articles allocation limit of the day and you need to pick the articles whenever, they are available. You need to keep on checking of the available opportunities and once the quota is finished, you can’t see and reserve any more opportunities.

Level 5 - 30% of the total articles opened to this level
Level 4 - 25% of the total articles opened to this level
Level 3 - 20% of the total articles opened to this level
Level 2 - 15% of the total articles opened to this level
Level 1 - 10% of the total articles opened to this level

I don’t know anything about the niche that I selected. How can I succeed in providing helpful and relevant content for people?

Generally, it is advisable to choose articles from the topics in your area of expertise. But if you got no other options and have to type articles from new fields, you can put yourself in the shoes of readers and write on things which you might expect to know on that topic, as a reader. So, try to provide them the content that you believe the readers want to see.

Since you don’t know anything about the subject, do the research and translate the information into something that people can easily consume and find useful– at least tell the outline clearly.

What are the things to be avoided?

  • Don’t copy from any other website or blog. If you have copied even 3 similar words from a site, we can easily track and give you red stars.
  • Research on the right data for the keywords. If you are given “M.S degree in India”, write about the degree, its scope, colleges etc inside India. Don’t type general facts about M.S degree and give reference to the colleges in U.S.
  • While choosing picture, you can upload the relevant picture to the topic. Also rename the picture with an appropriate name related to the keywords and theme of the article.
  • Instead of using the keywords throughout your content, you need to write keeping a theme in mind. Use your main keyword in the title and only where it is needed.
  • Pick at least 1 article once in a month to avoid getting red stars. Even if you are so busy on that particular month, you can spend at least 10-15 minutes to complete an article.
  • Don’t try to refer an already claimed and referred person. It will get you banned from the site permanently without even waiting for 5 red stars.

What are the levels all about?

Level 1 Fresher Every writer registering comes to level 1 by default
Level 2 Below average 10 Green stars from Level 1
Level 3 Average 10 Green stars from Level 2
Level 4 Good 10 Green stars from level 3
Level 5 Excellent 10 Green stars from Level 4

What are the green and red stars for?

Green stars are given when your performance is good and the articles are submitted on time for that particular day. If you attain 10 such good performance day (green stars), you will be moved to next level. While you are moved to the next level, the stars will be nullified and it starts from 0 again.

The maximum number of red stars, you can get is 5. If your article is copied, not in good English or submitted after the time is over, you would get a red star for that particular day. And if you don't pick even a single article for more than 1 month, you will be given a red star. If you get an overall 5 red star, your account will be banned and you will not be allowed to earn through the site in the future.

How the referral works?

When you suggest a friend to take on our site, give your Account ID to them, so that they can give your ID while registering on the site. Once they started to take up articles and when 3 months over, you can claim his/her referral commission by filling in the Claim form. You need to give the referred person’s first 3 months income separately on the respective fields. Submit the Claim form and you would get paid after the Earnsmart team reviews the information and approves it.

Who would get the “Star performer of the month”?

Consistency and dedication

If your performance is much better than other writers, all over that particular month and it is consistent along with perfect submission timings, then you have the much chance to get it.

The “Star performer of the month” price money of Rs.2000 will be automatically added to your current earnings and would be paid to you on the next payment date.

Sample 1

Keywords: Propose with a ring, jewellery online, Diamond engagement rings, engagement rings
Article Title: Purchase your Engagement Ring Online and impress your spouse.

For centuries, rings have been the centre of attraction in marriage and engagement ceremonies. The exchanging of rings is the ultimate symbolism of one’s loving commitment to another, and so even today the giving and receiving of rings is a pivotal part of “getting hitched.”

Even if you are the most modern groom, an iconoclast who wishes to dispense with time honoured tradition, you will probably still propose with a ring. On a practical level, the ring is the most simple signifier of the joining of two people, and no engagement would be the same without it.

There is of course one problem with the whole engagement ring tradition, and that is sourcing your engagement rings without the partner finding out. In the past, grooms-to-be (it is usual for the groom to make the proposal) would have to visit the high street, necessarily behind their best beloved’s back.

These days however you can find all sorts of jewellery online, including engagement rings. This limits the chance that your partner is going to rumble your efforts to find the perfect ring. Of course, in online you’ll also find the best prices and various choices of gold and diamond engagement rings.

You can buy pretty much anything online these days, including engagement rings. Of course, online shops are open 24/7 too. You can shop even from home and at your own convenience but just remember to ensure that you have your partner’s ring size beforehand!

Sample 2

Keywords: Eco homes, garden rooms
Article Title: Garden buildings as a space solution
Owning your own home is the aspiration for many new couples and families and when they eventually get onto the property ladder, it is an enormous achievement. Finding the perfect home can be tricky and once we have purchased a house, many of us are not satisfied with it. Over the time, it may seem like the house of your dreams becomes slightly cramped.
Eco Homes
With the addition of new family members and pets, the living space of the home can be pushed to its limit. Often moving house is out of the question, as it is too expensive or children are already settled into nearby schools. Now there is a brilliant way to combat cramped living without major building work or having to move into a new property.
Garden Homes
Eco homes are a brilliant way of adding extra space to your home. They can be comfortably constructed mostly in gardens, without a fuss or hassle and rarely require planning permission alone. The already built structures can be used for numerous purposes. For example, extra space in the garden can be transformed into an additional living space or playroom for children’s toys and gadgets. They can even be used as bedrooms which are perfect for the older child, who may desire some more independence and privacy without the drastic action of moving out. If you usually work from home, garden rooms can also be transformed into an outdoor office space, which will eventually free a room inside the house.
Sea Background